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Protect Yourself from Break-ins, Burglaries, and Home Invasions

This year, we have seen, and repaired, more break-in damage than any other year. We are happy to do it, but would rather help you take steps to reduce the chances of being a victim.

break-in damage



Most successful break-in attempts are a result of jamb failure, as in the photo on the left. The locks were    not even damaged, the jamb simply gave way when the door was kicked.







break-in damage


The photo on the right shows another jamb failure. Again, the door was simply kicked in.

Not only did the jamb give way, but the metal door split, as seen in the photo below.


door split






Note that only the entry lock was in use when this door was broken into, though it probably doesn’t            matter since, again, it was the jamb that failed, not the locks.




Altic Lock Service can help you protect against such break-ins. We recommend installing the Door Devil jamb reinforcement kit on all doors.






We also recommend the OnGARD Security Door Brace, as pictured on the right.




For sliding doors, we highly recommend installing the CAL Double-Bolt Lock. The CAL Lock resists both prying and lifting the sliding door.

Don’t become a crime victim this holiday season. Take steps to protect your home, family, and property.