For 2012, Resolve to Protect your Home from Break-ins

Take steps to prevent burglaries, break-ins, and home invasions. Let Altic Lock Service help you. We advise six steps:

  1. Ensure entry locks and deadbolts are installed and functioning correctly.
  2. Reinforce the door jamb, the weakest point of most doors.
  3. Reinforce the door edge. After the jamb, the door edge adjacent to the locks is the most vulnerable area.
  4. Reinforce the hinges. After the jamb and the door edge have been reinforced, the hinge area is the next most likely to fail.
  5. Upgrade your locks. With your door properly reinforced to prevent forced entry, it only makes sense to use quality locks that cannot be easily bypassed.
  6. Install and use a door viewer, and never open the door to a stranger.

We are offering a complete door reinforcement package (see website for details). Door jamb reinforcement, door edge reinforcement, hinge reinforcement is included. Free installation with optional additional purchase of door viewers, Arrow brand locks, or a sliding door deadbolt. Limited time offer – contact us today!


About indylocksmith

Owner of Altic Lock Service. Certified locksmith. Managing Director of the Society of Professional Locksmiths.

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