Warning Signs of Lock Failure

The latch or bolt is the most likely part to fail. This is often caused by binding pressure from an improper installation. The bolts and latches should extend and withdraw smoothly and completely. If you need to push, pull, or lift the door to operate an entry lock or deadbolt, there will be binding pressure against the latch or bolt.deadlatchBroken or inoperative deadlatches interfere with proper lock operation. If the deadlatch is broken, fails to extend with the latch, or falls into the strike plate, service is needed. If a key binds or rotates further than normal, have the lock serviced before you find yourself locked out – or in. Many common residential locks use a small metal clip to hold the cylinder in the lock. These clips can weaken and break or fail,

If the key turns without operating the lock, this clip has likely failed. Worse yet, the cylinder may come out of the lock when you pull out on the key, dumping a pile of pins and springs at your feet. Avoid lock-outs or lock failures; call Altic Lock Service to inspect and service your locks before they fail.


About indylocksmith

Owner of Altic Lock Service. Certified locksmith. Managing Director of the Society of Professional Locksmiths.

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