Door Lock Guide

Consumer Reports’ Door Lock Guide has a lot of good points. How the strike is attached is important in resisting forced entry attempts. They don’t like that this might mean the purchase of an additional part to improve the security provided by the lock, but you must consider that some metal frames do not allow for the installation of anything other than a standard strike without considerable alteration to the frame. Most break-ins are by force. The door jamb is the most vulnerable part, but it can be reinforced. Even then, the door edge will probably fail before the lock itself, even a cheap lock. But again, the door edge can be reinforced.

The door, lock, and jamb must form a solid unit to resist a forcible attack. Each part must be considered. On the one hand, it doesn’t make sense to spend $200 on a lock if the door frame is weak. On the other hand, it doesn’t make sense to install a $20 lock that can be easily defeated when you consider the lives and property that you are trying to protect. A quality lock, mounted properly, is a good balance that will protect your home against the average break-in attempt. Keep in mind that a determined attack may target windows as well as doors, so you should take a complete look at your home’s vulnerabilities. Even the best locks, alone, are no guarantee against break-ins, but to rely on locks found at most big-box stores is an equally big mistake. Altic Lock Service recommends Arrow locks for the best combination of quality, security, and economy.


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