Monthly Archives: August 2011

Schlage SecureKey(TM) Products to be Discontinued

According to a press release earlier this month, SecureKey(TM) products will no longer be available. We at Altic Lock Service recommend you avoid the temptation of clearance prices that will probably be offered as retailers try to get these products off the shelves. While the locks themselves may be discounted, the “blue keys” required to rekey these products may not. Servicing these locks may become both problematic and expensive. We do not stock the blue keys now, and are not any more likely to, now that the product is already being discontinued. If you already own any of these soon-to-be-orphaned products, consider replacing them now, while you have the choice, rather than waiting until you are forced to because service is required in the future. If you are not sure if you have a SecureKey(TM) product, they can be identified by a small (+)mark just above where you insert the key. No worries if you bought your locks from us – we never carried these products.


Altic Lock at the State Fair

Altic Lock Service will be giving a presentation on “Getting the Most Out of Your Locks” at the Indiana State Fair for the second year in a row. Please join us at the Angie’s List Resource Center on Friday, August 12, at 3 pm!

Code of Ethics

Altic Lock Service has adopted the Baldomeric Oath.