When to rekey your locks

Whether for a home or a business, it is always a good idea to have the locks rekeyed any time their is a change of ownership. Even the first owners should have the locks rekeyed since any number of contractors may have had access to the keys. Many home builders use construction master-keyed locks. While the use of the homeowner’s key will prevent the future use of the contractor’s key, the problem is that many of these locks still contain master pins which would allow still other keys to operate the locks.

For homeowners, it is suggested that the locks be rekeyed any time you cannot account for all known copies of the key, whether the key has been lost, stolen, or simply misplaced. Never hand your house keys over to anyone you do not intend to allow in your home. When you give your keys to a mechanic, or even a valet, only give them the vehicle key they require. If you have children in the home or frequently allow access to your home to others, an electronic lock may be a good investment. Codes can be easily changed whenever desired. Some locks allow for the use of temporary or single-use codes as well.

When you have Altic Lock Service rekey your locks, we will remove any master pins. We will also check for proper operation of deadlatches and deadbolts. We can also make several other recommendations to improve your home’s security. Be sure to ask for a copy of the National Crime Prevention Council brochure on securing doors and windows when we service your locks.

For businesses, at least the entry locks should be rekeyed any time there is a change in key-carrying personnel. Only employees that absolutely need the entry key should be allowed to possess it at any time. While masterkeyed locks are common in larger facilities, the entry locks should not be a part of that system. Aside from the fact that a lost or stolen key would necessitate rekeying many, if not all, locks; you do not want entry locks to contain master pins because they are then more susceptible to picking and bumping.

Altic Lock Service can also improve your business’s security by installing cylinder and/or latch guards. We can also advise you on ADA and fire code compliance issues.


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Owner of Altic Lock Service. Certified locksmith. Managing Director of the Society of Professional Locksmiths.

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